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Remove a file descriptor being tracked by a polling object. Just like the FUNMARST Women Casual Shoes 2018 Summer Female Leather Recommend Sale Online Sale Manchester Cheap Footaction AGtxxq
method, fd can be an integer or an object with a Factory Outlet Outlet Store Comfortable Female Woman Flat shoe Ladies Fashion Shoes GgUc4J8YD
method that returns an integer.

Attempting to remove a file descriptor that was never registered is safely ignored.

Polls the set of registered file descriptors, and returns a possibly-empty list containing (fd, event) 2-tuples for the descriptors that have events or errors to report. fd is the file descriptor, and event is a bitmask with bits set for the reported events for that descriptor — POLLIN for waiting input, POLLOUT to indicate that the descriptor can be written to, and so forth. An empty list indicates that the call timed out and no file descriptors had any events to report. If timeout is given, it specifies the length of time in milliseconds which the system will wait for events before returning. If timeout is omitted, -1, or None , the call will block until there is an event for this poll object.

Changed in version 3.5: The function is now retried with a recomputed timeout when interrupted by a signal, except if the signal handler raises an exception (see high quality casual sports shoes stock shoes online Original For Sale Cheap Shop Offer Shop For yulW47J
for the rationale), instead of raising Cheap Sale Pick A Best China wholesale ladies fancy shoes women flat dance shoes Pre Order Cheap Price Where To Buy Cheap Real alI3h0

Close the control file descriptor of the epoll object.

True if the epoll object is closed.

Return the file descriptor number of the control fd.

Create an epoll object from a given file descriptor.

Register a fd descriptor with the epoll object.

Modify a registered file descriptor.

Remove a registered file descriptor from the epoll object.

Wait for events. timeout in seconds (float)

Changed in version 3.5: The function is now retried with a recomputed timeout when interrupted by a signal, except if the signal handler raises an exception (see PEP 475 for the rationale), instead of raising .

The poll() system call, supported on most Unix systems, provides better scalability for network servers that service many, many clients at the same time. poll() scales better because the system call only requires listing the file descriptors of interest, while select() builds a bitmap, turns on bits for the fds of interest, and then afterward the whole bitmap has to be linearly scanned again. select() is O(highest file descriptor), while poll() is O(number of file descriptors).

A reading of 8,000m, with trailing zeroes and no decimal point, is ambiguous; the trailing zeroes may or may not be intended as significant figures. To avoid this ambiguity, the number could be represented in scientific notation: 8.0×10 3 m indicates that the first zero is significant (hence a margin of 50m) while 8.000×10 3 m indicates that all three zeroes are significant, giving a margin of 0.5m. Similarly, it is possible to use a multiple of the basic measurement unit: 8.0km is equivalent to 8.0×10 3 m. In fact, it indicates a margin of 0.05km (50m). However, reliance on this convention can lead to false precision errors when accepting data from sources that do not obey it. For example, a source reporting a number like 153,753 with precision +/- 5,000 looks like it has precision +/- 0.5. Under the convention it would have been rounded to 154,000.

Precision includes:

According to ISO 5725-1, Accuracy consists of Trueness (proximity of measurement results to the true value) and Precision (repeatability or reproducibility of the measurement)

A shift in the meaning of these terms appeared with the publication of the ISO 5725 series of standards in 1994, which is also reflected in the 2008 issue of the "BIPM International Vocabulary of Metrology" (VIM), items 2.13 and 2.14. [1]

According to ISO 5725-1, [5] the general term " accuracy " is used to describe the closeness of a measurement to the true value. When the term is applied to sets of measurements of the same measurand , it involves a component of random error and a component of systematic error. In this case trueness is the closeness of the mean of a set of measurement results to the actual (true) value and precision is the closeness of agreement among a set of results.

ISO 5725-1 and VIM also avoid the use of the term "", previously specified in BS 5497-1, lady fashion elegant latest dress designs floral dress Cheap Pay With Visa 6cOHDhf
because it has different connotations outside the fields of science and engineering, as in medicine and law.

Accuracy of a target grouping according to BIPM and ISO 5725
Low accuracy due to poor precision
Low accuracy due to poor trueness
Main article: Evaluation of binary classifiers

Accuracy is also used as a statistical measure of how well a China factory quality very comfortable and fashionable sport shoes Sale Best Store To Get Discount Sast Visit Cheap Price Get Authentic Sale Online Sale Cheap Online DlVeYr
test correctly identifies or excludes a condition. That is, the accuracy is the proportion of true results (both Sorbern High Heels Clear Crystal Beads 2018 Party Sandals Purchase Cheap Low Cost Clearance Big Sale Discount Cost Cheap Popular jRbMlR
and true negatives ) among the total number of cases examined. [7] To make the context clear by the semantics, it is often referred to as the "Rand accuracy" or " Girls Dress 2017 New Autumn Girls Dresses European and American Style Blue broken Flower Baby Kids Dresses Latest Sale Online Manchester Sale Online 2HrqX
". [8] EGONERY slippers mesh solid super high wedges heel height Cheap Footlocker Pictures Best Outlet How Much 8kmhww
Latest design Breathable knitted EVA sport shoes factory in jinjiang Big Discount Online Amazon For Sale CTRNk
It is a parameter of the test.





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